111-115 N.W. Seventh St., Richmond, IN 47374

Pets, smoking, catering

Pets no longer allowed

We are very sorry to say that we no longer accept pets. If you found us on a website that lists us among “pet-friendly” lodging facilities, please let us know so we can contact the site and ask them to remove us. As pet owners ourselves, this breaks our hearts. But after dealing with numerous and varied pet-related problems, we know that the only way we can guarantee our guests the highest quality accommodations is to stop accepting pets.

We are a smoke-free facility

To ensure the comfort of all of our guests, smoking is not allowed in our apartments (including the garage of the Hideaway), in the doorways of our apartments, on the front porch of The Residence, or on the side patio shared by the Hideaway and the Morning Sun Suite. Guests may smoke near the storage barn in the parking area behind the guest house, or in the park across the street.


Because none of the kitchens in our apartments meet Health Department standards for commercial food preparation, we cannot provide meals or catering services ourselves. However, past guests have given high marks to catering arranged through MCL Restaurant & Bakery in the Richmond Mall, (765) 966-2939; Olive Garden, also located in the Richmond Mall, (765) 962-4300; Texas Roadhouse, 3799 National Road East,(765) 939-9100; and Subway, 1726 National Road West (less than a mile from the guest house), (765) 935-9045. The Richmond-Wayne County Convention & Tourism Bureau also maintains a list of catering providers (click here to find a link to that).

Deliveries of takeout food from numerous area restaurants can also be arranged by downloading the “Rose City Food” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play (for Android phones).

For catering, it’s generally best to make arrangements a week to a month in advance, depending on how elaborate you want to get. Simple foods such as party trays often can be purchased ready-made at area supermarkets and, if desired, transferred to platters we have available for entertaining.

Other services

With advance notice, we are happy to do grocery shopping for you, if you would like the house to be stocked with more than our usual breakfast food selections and arrival-night dinner. We can also arrange to pick up your catering order.

If we pick up food for you (whether take-out food or groceries) we will simply ask you to reimburse us by cash or check for the cost of the food and pay a minimum gratuity of 10 percent or $10, whichever is greater.

We also can assist you with other local arrangements at a rate of $15 per hour, billed in quarter-hour increments, with a minimum charge of $15.