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New Web site — check!

July 20, 2012 · by chergibbs · No Comments

If you’re reading this, you’re reading the first of what will hopefully be many blog posts on our new Web site.

This site has been long overdue. When we started our business, we did so on a shoestring. I made our first site using iWeb, Apple’s now-defunct Web design software for dummies. That site served us well for many years.

Around the time that site started looking really (REALLY) dated, though, Apple stopped supporting iWeb, so I started experimenting with creating a new site in WordPress or Drupal. I toyed with sites on WordPress.com and DrupalGardens as well as sites installed on third-party hosting. Talk about frustrating! It was hard to find themes that worked even modestly well for our type of business and that allowed me to link to Webervations, our existing online reservation service, and to our listing and reviews on TripAdvisor. It seemed like every theme I installed required me to configure pretty much everything to look like the demo site that sold me on the theme. (I mean, shouldn’t purchased themes come pre-formatted as shown on the demos?)

Then, when doing browser searches (yet again) for an alternative, I found an article by Sally Erickson of Erickson Creative that mentioned¬†Hotel Propeller, an all-in-one Web design and third-party hosting company with some attractive, already-configured, mobile-responsive themes for B&Bs. They have reasonable rates, affordable options for site configuration (if I hadn’t been able to pull it together, they said they’d do it for $100!!) and great customer service (unbelievably fast, even over the holidays). In her article, Erickson also mentioned some of the themes I’d tried — and her assessments of those themes helped me see why I’d been struggling.

And now, here you are. So with that, I need to post this and send Sally Erickson a thank-you note (or maybe comment on her post, or whatever — let her know I’m grateful!).


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