111-115 N.W. Seventh St., Richmond, IN 47374


The Westside Guest House is owned and operated by Mickey White and Cheryl Gibbs, both college professors and seasoned travelers.

Their vision for the guest house is to provide the kind of place they wish could find in their travels — a house that has character and all the conveniences of home, but no clutter and a really nice coffeemaker. A cross between a hotel and a timeshare or vacation rental, but with salt and pepper in the shakers, enough toilet paper to last for a week, a full bottle of dish soap and enough food in the kitchen that you don’t have to haul in a cooler or rush right out to the store when you arrive.

Cheryl teaches journalism at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, about a 35-minute drive southeast of Richmond. From time to time, she also teaches for Miami in Washington, DC. Mickey teaches theatre design at Earlham College in Richmond. They live across the alley from the guest house, at 631 Pearl St.